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If you have been arrested and charged with committing a misdemeanor or felony crime in the Boston area or in the state of Massachusetts, you need a determined, aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and your future.You want a Boston criminal defense attorney who knows his way around the courts and the law and will aggressively fight to protect you in court, before the judge or the jury and at the negotiating table. Robert J. Wheeler, Jr. is such an attorney.

Attorney Wheeler is one of Boston’s leading criminal defense lawyers. Since he began practicing law in 1981, Attorney Wheeler has demonstrated his sincere commitment and a remarkable talent in defending the criminally accused. Over the course of more than 30 years, Robert J. Wheeler, Jr. has gained a reputation for providing outstanding legal services in the area of criminal defense. He has successfully defended those accused of various types of criminal offenses, including operating under the influence (OUI, DUI, DWI), violent crimes such as murder and robbery, drug crimes such as possession, distribution and trafficking, domestic abuse, assault and battery, restraining order violations, motor vehicle offenses, theft crimes, sex crimes including child pornography and rape, and white collar crimes including extortion and tax evasion. Attorney Wheeler also provides representation to those targeted in grand jury investigations and to those who are seeking to appeal convictions or new trials. No matter the nature of your case, you deserve the type of first-rate defense that only an expert criminal lawyer like Robert Wheeler can provide.

Boston criminal defense lawyer Robert J. Wheeler, Jr. is known for outstanding results. His most recent noteworthy successes include winning acquittals in murder and major drug trials. Attorney Wheeler is celebrated for his commitment to his clients, which he demonstrates through continuous communication and aggressive representation. With more than 30 years of experience, Attorney Wheeler offers a level of legal and practical expertise that cannot be matched.

As his recent case results demonstrate, Attorney Wheeler is one of Massachusetts’ most skilled and practiced trial lawyers. He enjoys success in both the state and federal courts. While Attorney Wheeler achieves exceptional results in very serious cases, he also represents clients accused of less serious felonies and misdemeanors. He approaches all cases with the same fighting attitude and diligence.

Attorney Wheeler’s accomplishments stem not only from his abilities as a Boston criminal defense attorney but also from his sincere belief in the protection of citizens’ constitutional rights. Robert J. Wheeler, Jr. has a real enthusiasm for his craft that is hard to find in other attorneys. That enthusiasm drives him to work tirelessly to ensure that his clients’ are protected at every step along the way.

If you have been arrested or think that a warrant may be issued for your arrest, do not delay. Call Boston, Massachusetts criminal lawyer Robert J. Wheeler, Jr. to discuss your situation and your rights with an aggressive criminal defense attorney. Call him today at 617-973-5858 or click here to send an email.

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Attorney Wheeler’s office is conveniently located in downtown Boston, and you can reach his office by dialing 617-973-5858 or by sending an e-mail. Contact the Law Offices of Robert J. Wheeler, Jr. if you have been charged with any criminal offense in Massachusetts or at the federal level. Robert J. Wheeler, Jr. regularly appears in all Massachusetts courts in all counties, so do not hesitate to contact him wherever your case may be. After meeting with Attorney Wheeler, you will feel better about your situation and confident that you are in capable hands. When your future is on the line, your best bet is to retain the services of an experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney like Robert J. Wheeler, Jr.