White Collar Crime

Massachusetts and Federal white collar criminal cases require an experienced and determined attorney who understands the complexities of the charges and the law. If you or someone you care about is the target of an investigation or has been arrested or indicted for an alleged white collar crime, contact Attorney Robert J. Wheeler, Jr., immediately at 617-973-5858.

Most white collar crimes are prosecuted under Federal law. Federal authorities dedicate tremendous amounts of time to investigating white collar crimes before making an arrest or presenting a case to a Grand Jury. The Government builds what it believes to be a strong case, and then files charges. As soon as you know that you are under investigation or immediately after an arrest is made, you must retain an experienced white collar criminal lawyer to prepare your defense.

White collar crime investigations are led by determined prosecutors and sentences can be severe and strict. When the case is federal, sentencing guidelines are set by law and judges have limited discretion in imposing sentences. Strict prison terms and fines are often sought by Prosecutors, making a strong defense of critical importance. The quality and experience of the lawyer you retain in a white collar investigation or arrest is extremely important.

Massachusetts White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert J. Wheeler, Jr. represents clients in embezzlement, accounting fraud, extortion, RICO, racketeering, securities fraud, insurance fraud, Medicare and Medicaid fraud, larceny, mortgage fraud, bribery, perjury, forgery, computer crimes, blackmail, money laundering, counterfeiting, mail fraud, wire fraud tax evasion or willful subscription to a false return, currency structuring and other White Collar Crimes. In cases that involve tax, accounting or business charges, Robert Wheeler has assembled a team of experienced financial/tax and business professionals who help him prepare the strongest defense possible.

If you or someone you care about has been charged with a White Collar Crime, you need to immediately retain an experienced and knowledgeable Massachusetts White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney who can aggressively defend you, fight for your rights in the face of zealous prosecutors and protect your freedom and your future. Call Robert J. Wheeler, Jr., immediately at 617-973-5858 today.