Natick District Court---November 20, 2012
Larceny Over $250—Felony
Receiving Stolen Property
Theft Crimes
College Student—All Charges To Be Dismissed
Result—No Admission Of Guilt And No Record Of Conviction
All Charges To Be Dismissed

Salem District Court—Essex County October 16, 2012
Attempted Murder
Assault By Means of a Dangerous Weapon
Intimidation of a Witness
Violation of a 209A Abuse Prevention Order
Result—All Charges Dismissed

West Roxbury Division—Boston Municipal Court
September 24, 2012
Receiving Stolen Property—Clerk Magistrate Hearing
College Student
Result—No Complaint Issued

Middlesex Superior Court—Woburn—September 13, 2012
Possession With Intent to Distribute Marijuana
Result—Indictment Dismissed by Nolle Prosequi

Peabody District Court—Essex County-September 21, 2012
Assault and Battery on a Police Officer
Disturbing the Peace
Result—All Charges Dismissed

Suffolk County Superior Court, Boston---May 22, 2012
Not Guilty Jury Verdict---Murder

Middlesex County Superior Court, Woburn---April 11, 2012
Possession of Class B Controlled Substance—Cocaine
Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Distribute
Second or Subsequent Offense—Not Guilty Verdict

Boston Municipal Court—Roxbury Division—March 8, 2012
Clerk/Magistrate Hearing
Wilful And Malicious Destruction Of Property
Result—No Complaint To Issue

Middlesex County Superior Court---March 6, 2012
Distribution Of Cocaine—Second Or Subsequent Offense
Distribution Of A Controlled Substance In A School Zone
Jury Verdict—Not Guilty Both Counts

Chelsea District Court---Suffolk County—February 23, 2012
Possession With Intent To Distribute Marijuana
Motion To Suppress Evidence
Illegal Search And Seizure
Case Dismissed

Chelsea, Massachusetts District Court—February 23, 2012
Distribution Of Marijuana, A Class D Controlled Substance
Distribution Of Drugs In A School Zone
Illegal Search And Seizure
Motion To Suppress Evidence Allowed
All Charges Dismissed

Lowell District Court----January 26, 2012
Assault And Battery By Means Of A Dangerous Weapon
All Charges Dismissed