Receiving Stolen Property

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 266 Section 60 makes it a crime to receive stolen property. This crime involves the following three elements, which must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt:
  1. The property was stolen. The government does not have to prove the identity of the person who stole the property.

  2. The defendant knew or believed that the property was stolen. This is an actual, subjective knowledge requirement. Therefore, it is not enough that a reasonable person would have known that the property was stolen. A negligent failure to ask whether the property was stolen is also insufficient. Some circumstances that could give rise to the inference of knowledge include: extremely low price, possession of several stolen items, failure to keep records in the course of business, and storage location.

  3. The defendant knowingly possessed, bought, or helped to conceal that property. To satisfy this element, the government only has to prove that the defendant somehow exercised control over the property.

If the defendant was not aware that the property was stolen when he or she received it, he or she can still be guilty of this crime if he or she later discovered that the property was stolen and decided to keep it. One can also still be guilty of this crime even if there was no intent to take any personal benefit from receiving the property. For example, if a defendant knowingly received the stolen goods for a friend, then he or she would still be guilty of this offense.

Massachusetts Theft Crimes Attorney

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