No Possession

Massachusetts Drug Crimes Defense: No Possession

In drug cases involving possession, such as possession, possession with intent to distribute, and trafficking, the government has to prove that the defendant had knowledge that he possessed drugs and was able or intended to exercise dominion or control over the drugs. Possession can be either actual or constructive, and the government does not have to prove that the defendant possessed the drugs exclusively. Just because one is around drugs and knows about them does not mean that one possessed the drugs, and there must be some indication of control. In cases where the drugs are found on the accused, actual possession cases, the lack of possession theory will be substantially more difficult. Constructive possession cases leave much more room for experienced criminal defense lawyers to raise a defense based on lack of possession.

One example of a common constructive possession situation would be where drugs are found in the defendant's home. A strong defense that the defendant did not possess drugs can be made particularly where other people had access to the home, where the defendant does not own or rent the home, or when the defendant was not in the same room as the drugs.

Another common example of a constructive possession situation would be where drugs are found in a car. In these kinds of cases, a no possession defense can be solid especially where there are other passengers or occupants of the car or if it was not the defendant's car. If the defendant is a passenger who doesn't own the car, then he or she usually can't be held responsible for drugs that are uncovered in the trunk or under the driver's seat. If the defendant is the driver, even if he or she owns the car, an inference that the drugs were under his or her control might not be permitted if the drugs were found closer to another passenger and behind the driver.

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