No Intent to Distribute

Massachusetts Drug Crimes Defense: No Intent to Distribute

Here in Massachusetts, possession with intent to distribute and distribution carry the same potential penalties under Chapter 94C. Both of these offenses require a thoughtful and aggressive defense because jail or prison time is a real possibility. Since distribution and possession with intent carry the same potential punishments, the government often charges possession with intent instead of distribution to avoid its burden of proving that there was actual distribution. Robert J. Wheeler, Jr. has been successfully defending persons accused of possession with intent to distribute drugs for more than three decades. As a result of his extensive experience, Attorney Wheeler knows how to develop the best strategy in every case.

No Intent to Distribute

Often times in possession with intent cases, a defense involving lack of intent to distribute is viable. While a large quantity, standing alone, can sometimes be enough to prove that there was an intent to distribute, Massachusetts courts have ruled that, in the absence of corroborating evidence, an inference of intent to distribute may not be permitted. For example, scales or materials used for drug packaging might be corroborative of an intent to distribute. An experienced criminal defense lawyer like Robert J. Wheeler, Jr. will determine whether it is appropriate to file a motion to dismiss the intent to distribute portion of the charge based on a lack of probable cause. If the charge cannot be reduced by way of a motion to dismiss, a smart lawyer will challenge all evidence that might be corroborative by filing motions to suppress and motions in limine. An attorney like Robert Wheeler will find any potential argument that the possession was consistent with personal use.

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