Motor Vehicle Crime

If you or someone you care about has been charged with a motor vehicle crime in Massachusetts, do not speak with the police or any investigators until you have retained a Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Criminal Defense Lawyer. Any statement that you make, no matter how simple or straightforward, may be used against you. Only an experienced and skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer can advise you as to what to say, when to say it and who to say it to.

Charges of motor vehicle crimes are serious, whether they are charged as a misdemeanor or felony crime. If a person or persons were seriously injured or killed as a result of your driving, you may be charged with vehicular homicide or manslaughter. If you are also charged with driving under the influence of controlled substances, drugs or alcohol, the penalties, including prison terms and fines, will be severe.

Even if no one was hurt, a misdemeanor conviction for a vehicle crime will have a significant impact on your life. A conviction will make it difficult for you to get auto insurance - in some cases, insurance may too expensive to buy. Your license to drive may be suspended - or it might be permanently revoked. And if you need to drive for work, you may find it difficult, it not impossible, to earn a living.

That is why you need the skills of Robert J. Wheeler, Jr., an experienced motor vehicle criminal defense lawyer. Mr. Wheeler has successfully defended hundreds of clients in motor vehicle crimes, including operating to endanger the lives and safety of the public, driving with a suspended or revoked license, vehicular homicide, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, reckless driving, and all related charges.

Building a strong defense is key to protecting your future. Mr. Wheeler works with a team of seasoned professionals to analyze every step of the arrest process. Did the law enforcement officer have the right to pull you over? Was the arrest conducted correctly? If tests of any kind were conducted on the car, was the testing equipment working properly and were the tests performed by certified personnel? Were your Constitutional rights violated at any time during the entire process? All of these questions must be carefully examined, for any of them might hold the key to your freedom.

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