Lewd, Wanton and Lascivious Act

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 272 Section 53 prohibits lewd, wanton and lascivious acts. There are four elements that must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt before a person can be convicted of committing a lewd, wanton and lascivious act:

  1. The defendant either committed or publicly solicited someone else to commit a sex act.
  2. The act involved touching of the genitals, buttocks, or female breasts.
  3. The purpose of this was either sexual gratification or arousal or to offend people.
  4. The act was or was to be committed in a public place. A "public place" includes those places where a person knows or should know of the presence of another person who may be offended.

The purpose of this law is to deter and punish sexual touching or solicitation of such touching that does not rise to the level of a completed sex act in places where other people might be offended by it.

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