Illegal Possession of Drugs and Controlled Substances

In Massachusetts simple possession of drugs or controlled substances, except less than one ounce of marijuana, is a crime that may have serious consequences beyond penalties imposed under the criminal laws. A person charged with illegal possession of drugs like cocaine, heroin, and other street drugs as well as narcotics that require a prescription must be aware of the collateral consequences of a guilty finding or conviction on the charge. Conviction on a possession charge may result in the loss of a driver’s license or the right to operate a motor vehicle in Massachusetts and the loss of college financial aid eligibility. Additionally, conviction on drug charges may have serious adverse consequences related to immigration, permanent resident status and naturalization under the federal immigration laws.

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Criminal prosecution for simple possession of a controlled substance requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt that an accused knowingly and intentionally possessed the drug or narcotic in question.

There may be many legal defenses to a prosecution for possession of a drug or controlled substance. Among the possible defenses is that the person charged did not have actual or constructive possession of the drug or that the police obtained or seized the drugs illegally in violation of an accused’s statutory or constitutional rights. Under these circumstances a motion to dismiss the charges or a motion to suppress (exclude from use at trial) the evidence may be the best defense.

If you have been charged with illegal possession of drugs in Massachusetts contact experienced Boston, Massachusetts drug defense lawyer Robert J. Wheeler, Jr., to discuss your case and possible defenses.