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Robert J. Wheeler, Jr. is a Boston criminal defense attorney who has unparalleled experience representing those who have been charged with or think that they are under investigation for murder. Attorney Wheeler has won many acquittals in even the toughest murder cases in over 30 years. He is well-known for his rare talent in cross-examination of witnesses and in constructing winning defense theories. He employs all possible strategies in every break of the case. Attorney Wheeler has deeply-rooted relationships with some of the best and most seasoned experts and private investigators in the state and the country. In short, Robert Wheeler is a superior Massachusetts murder defense lawyer with the expertise and resources necessary in such cases.

To prove first degree murder, one theory that the prosecution can use is that a homicide was committed with deliberately premeditated malice aforethought. As is commonly known, a homicide is a killing of a person by another person. As is less commonly known, deliberate premeditation doesn’t necessarily require a long period of thought but only requires that “cool reflection” resulted in the decision. In other words, “deliberate” essentially means that the killing was done purposefully, and “premeditated” refers to the time needed to form an intent to kill. Malice aforethought can mean that there was an intent to kill or do serious bodily harm or it can mean that there was an intent to do something that carried a clear and plain likelihood of serious bodily harm or death.

Another kind of first-degree murder is “murder committed with extreme atrocity and cruelty.” This kind of first-degree murder usually involves multiple blows or stabbings or an attack of a sexual nature. Murder committed with extreme atrocity or cruelty does not require proof of premeditation or knowledge that the acts amounted to extreme cruelty.

One may also be convicted of murder in the first degree where the killing was committed during an attempt or commission of certain kinds of serious felonies, such as rape, armed burglary, kidnapping for extortion, and robbery. This is known as the “felony murder rule.” This doctrine cannot apply in cases where the underlying felony or attempt was completely finished when the killing occurred. Joint venture felony murder requires a showing that one shared a specific intent with the principal.

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Attorney Robert J. Wheeler, Jr. is undoubtedly a top Boston murder defense lawyer. Extremely few lawyers have had experience in this area of criminal defense. Even fewer have achieved results even remotely comparable to those Attorney Wheeler has achieved. When you or someone you know is facing a murder charge, the stakes are as high as they possibly get. You absolutely need to speak with an aggressive attorney who knows how to handle murder cases.

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Contact the Law Offices of Robert J. Wheeler, Jr. at (617) 973 5858 if you or a loved one is facing a murder charge or investigation. Attorney Wheeler’s office is located in Boston and can be reached 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Murder cases are certainly not for the inexperienced. You need to contact a lawyer like Robert Wheeler, who has a lengthy track record of not guilty verdicts in murder trials and all other criminal cases gained over the course of more than three decades. You cannot afford to wait when facing the most serious penalties possible in Massachusetts, so call Attorney Wheeler’s office today.