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Everett, Massachusetts is a Middlesex County city with a population of more than 38,000 in only 3.5 square miles. It was named after Edward Everett, the prominent American politician. A popular destination for immigrants since its beginnings and up until the present, Everett offers a great deal of diversity and cultural richness. The MBTA serves Everett, which is also close to I-93 and I-95. Everett has excellent public schools, works and recreational services. Everett High School's football program is consistently one of the best in Massachusetts and, at times, in the country, and Everett residents are extremely proud of the Crimson Tide. Numerous professional football players have started out playing in Everett. In 2009, Everett's crime statistics were as follows:

  • Murder/Manslaughter: 1
  • Forcible rape: 7
  • Robbery: 81
  • Aggravated assault: 114
  • Larceny and theft: 687
  • Burglary: 288
  • Car theft: 146

If you are an Everett resident who has been accused of any crime, not limited to those listed in the statistics above, talking to a lawyer should be your most urgent priority. An intelligent lawyer with experience can help you to understand your situation and your options and help you to take the most prudent course of action. Of course, when facing a criminal charge it is not unusual to become overwhelmed and anxious. Hiring an attorney can somewhat alleviate those concerns because you'll be comforted in knowing that you're in capable hands. A good lawyer will not stop working until a just result is achieved.

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