Drug Distribution Charges in Massachusetts

Distribution of illegal drugs or narcotics or possessing the controlled substances (heroin, cocaine, marijuana and opiate based prescriptions drugs such as oxycontin, for example) with the intent to distribute them to another person is a serious offense that requires a serious, thorough and aggressive defense. Depending on type and amount or weight of the drug involved and whether or not a person has a prior criminal record, especially involving drugs, a person convicted of a drug distribution crime in state courts in Massachusetts or in the Federal Courts could be facing substantial jail or prison time as well as collateral consequences like the loss of driving privileges or deportation from the United States and the denial of naturalization. Boston, Massachusetts criminal drug defense attorney Robert J. Wheeler, Jr., has almost thirty years of experience in defending people charged with drug distribution charges throughout the state of Massachusetts and in many Federal Courts throughout the nation. To discuss a drug distribution charge with Attorney Wheeler call his Boston Law Offices at (617) 973-5858 or send an email to rjw@rjwheelerlaw.com. All communications are strictly confidential.

The police often charge a person with possession of controlled substances with intent to distribute the drugs without any evidence of actual distribution of the drugs and based only on the allegation that the drugs were seized from a person’s immediate possession or from his/her home, apartment, hotel room, place of business or automobile. To try to convince a judge or jury that a suspect intended to distribute drugs alleged to have been in his possession, the prosecution will emphasize the amount and purity of the drugs, the street value, the type of packaging and whether the person was in possession of paraphernalia or a large amount of money.

There are many types of legal defenses to a charge of distribution or possession with intent to distribute drugs. Whether a person is in actual or constructive possession of the drugs, whether he is the victim of entrapment or unlawful government misconduct and whether the police or government agents seized the drugs in violation of an accused’s statutory or constitutional rights are important issues that must be explored. Contact Boston criminal drug defense attorney Robert Wheeler to protect your rights.