Drug Conspiracy

Large scale drug investigations by both Massachusetts state and federal law enforcement authorities often result in charges or indictments alleging a drug conspiracy. Boston, Massachusetts criminal defense attorney Robert J. Wheeler, Jr., is highly experienced in the defense of drug conspiracy charges in both Massachusetts district and superior courts as wells as Federal Courts. Contact Attorney Wheeler at (617) 973-5858 or rjw@rjwheelerlaw.com to discuss your rights and plan an aggressive defense to drug conspiracy charges.

The basic definition of the crime of conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people to do an unlawful act or to do a lawful act by an unlawful means. The crime of conspiracy is the agreement and it does not matter if the plan was successful or if any steps were actually taken to carry out the plan. However, it is not enough that a person merely knows about a conspiracy or is associated with conspirators. To be guilty of a conspiracy a person must actually join a conspiracy as something that he/she desires to bring about.

In conspiracy cases the government often utilizes a wide range of crime investigation tools and techniques. It is not unusual to see telephone wiretaps, global positioning devices placed on automobiles, searches of cell phone records and internal memories and searches of personal computers. These methods of investigation frequently raise privacy and constitutional search and seizure issues which must be vigorously pursued to mount a successful defense to drug conspiracy charges. Attorney Wheeler is experienced in all facets of the defense of drug conspiracies. Call for a consultation to discuss your rights.