Criminal Defense

Robert Wheeler has dedicated his entire legal career to defending individuals who have been charged with a wide variety of criminal matters. He represents people from all walks of life, in all stages of their lives. Robert Wheeler is determined and aggressive, and his job is to make sure that whatever the charges are, every possible avenue of defense is in place to protect his clients, their rights, their futures and their families.

With a proven track record of success, Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert Wheeler has a reputation for aggressively defending clients in every forum of the law. He is a respected criminal defense lawyer, recognized by his peers as a powerful adversary. They know that when he walks into the courtroom, Robert Wheeler is more than well-prepared to go toe to toe with the prosecutor on every possible angle of defense.

If you or someone you care about has been charged with a crime, or if you believe that you will be charged with a crime, your next call needs to be to Robert Wheeler - an experienced, aggressive criminal defense lawyer with a proven track record. Find out how Robert Wheeler can help you - call day or night 617-973-5858.

For first time offenders, an experienced professional makes all the difference. Robert Wheeler will explain what you can expect, from the first appearance in court though the conclusion of a trial, if your matter will need to go to trial, and what that experience will be like. He understands that this is an overwhelming experience and will help you and your family go through the process in as positive a manner as possible.

Individuals who have been charged with crimes in the past know that the stakes are higher. Judges treat people with criminal records differently, and strong representation is critical to minimize the impact of second and subsequent arrests.

Whether first time offenders or repeat offenders, Robert Wheeler’s clients know that he will fight to do everything possible to protect them, ensure that their rights are not violated and vigorously protect their freedoms. If you are facing criminal charges call Robert Wheeler today for a free consultation at 617-973-5858.