Child Enticement and Exploitation

“Child enticement and exploitation” means acts, or attempts or conspiracies to engage in acts, that amount to criminal sexual abuse, exploitation, or contact with a minor. In other words, this involves some type of effort to commence sexual relations or activities with a child. Both state and federal laws prohibit child enticement and exploitation.

Today, these types of crimes usually involve the Internet. The Internet can be a dangerous place, even for adults, and children are especially vulnerable because they might not be aware of the risks. Social networking sites, e-mail, chat rooms, bulletin boards, and other means of electronic communication are common avenues of child enticement and exploitation.

Crimes involving child enticement and exploitation do not necessarily require face-to-face or physical contact. Sexualized communications can involve the transfer or exchange of sexually explicit material, such as child pornography.

It is vital to speak with a criminal defense lawyer right away if you have been charged with or think that you are being investigated for a crime involving child enticement and exploitation. Prosecutors and law enforcement are serious about all crimes involving child sexual abuse, and this is intensified by the increasing awareness of and media attention to Internet sexual predators and child sex trafficking.

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