Braintree, Massachusetts

Braintree, Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer

Braintree, Massachusetts is a Norfolk County city in the Greater Boston area. Neighborhoods of Braintree include: North Braintree, South Braintree, East Braintree and Braintree Highlands. Incorporated in 1640, Braintree has a long and rich history, and many historical figures were born in the city. It offers excellent public transportation options and great public and private schools. Some popular movies have been filmed in Braintree, and it has had several noteworthy residents.

Aggressive Criminal Defense in Massachusetts

Robert J. Wheeler, Jr. is an extraordinarily talented, aggressive and experienced criminal defense lawyer in Massachusetts. He has been working in criminal defense for thirty years. Over all this time, he has had obtained countless victories and made a name for himself as one of the best criminal lawyers in the state.

Protecting Your Rights

Attorney Wheeler ensures that his clients' are treated in a just manner and that their rights have not been violated. All too often, his clients have been subjected to serious violations of their rights under the federal and Massachusetts constitutions. When that is the case, Attorney Wheeler uses it to get cases dismissed or evidence suppressed. He makes sure that prosecutors treat his clients fairly. Attorney Wheeler gives his clients complete and comprehensive advice so that they are fully aware of their situations. Overall, Attorney Wheeler does everything possible to make sure that his clients are fully protected.

Defending Against All Criminal Charges

If you have been charged with any crime, Attorney Wheeler is well-equipped to defend you. He has successfully handled drug offenses, drunk driving/DUI/OUI and other motor vehicle offenses, sex crimes, domestic violence, assault and battery, theft cases, violent crimes such as rape and murder, white collar crimes such as tax evasion, criminal appeals, federal crimes, probation violations, and more.

Law Office of Robert J. Wheeler, Jr.- (617) 973 5858

Robert Wheeler is dedicated to criminal defense, and it shows in the quality of his work and the results that he gets. He encourages you to call and consult with him if you have questions about a criminal matter. His office, the Law Office of Robert J. Wheeler, Jr., is located in Boston and easily accessible from Braintree. You can reach Attorney Wheeler's office by calling (617) 973 5858 or by contacting him online. Your calls will be received at night and on weekends, so feel free to contact the office at your convenience.