Arlington, Massachusetts

Arlington Criminal Defense Attorney

Arlington, Massachusetts is a town in Middlesex County that is located northwest of Boston. There are more than 42,000 Arlington residents. The town is bordered by Medford, Winchester, Somerville, Cambridge, Lexington, and Belmont. It was settled in 1635, and it is home to many historical sites and parks. The midnight ride of Paul Revere took the celebrated patriot through what is now Arlington.

Robert J. Wheeler, Jr. is a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney who has represented many Arlington residents. He knows that the criminally accused are going through a tremendously upsetting experience, especially those who have never found themselves in such a position before. All of a sudden, these persons are overwhelmed with the scary possibilities that may be ahead of them. Jail time, fines, a criminal record, humiliation and the breakdown of personal and professional lives are among these possibilities. Luckily, there is still a way to get one’s life back on its regular course, and that is to contact a criminal defense attorney right away.

Experienced Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer

Robert J. Wheeler, Jr. has focused solely on criminal defense practice for three decades. His life’s work, zealous criminal defense is of paramount importance to him. Attorney Wheeler is extremely dedicated and knowledgeable, and he is more than confident that he can help you. His great expertise, together with his rare commitment to his clients, makes him an extraordinary lawyer.

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The Law Office of Robert J. Wheeler, Jr. is located in Boston, Massachusetts and welcomes new clients from Arlington. If you have been charged with a crime in Arlington or elsewhere, Attorney Wheeler strongly urges you to contact him as soon as possible because the more quickly he is able to intervene, the better protected you will be. His goal is to help you put this experience behind you and get on with your life. Attorney Wheeler will draw upon everything that he knows and do everything in his power to make sure that the effects of your criminal charge are as minimal as possible. You can reach him at (617) 973 5858 or you can contact him online through e-mail. You can reach the Law Office of Robert J. Wheeler, Jr. on nights, weekends, and holidays as well as conventional business hours, so contact Robert Wheeler now for a timely and thoughtful response to your inquiry.